Himalaya Story of the Young Skiers and NFSS


Shrawan 15-Sebastian Haag and his mates lost their life in a tragic accident while ski-ing in Himalayas. A man can fail but an idea behind that can change the world.

Started From 1 Feb to 21 Feb 2016, NFSS (Ski and Snowboarding Foundation Nepal) organized one of the longest and biggest ski and snowboarding training camp in collaboration with Julius Seidenader (a German citizen). NFSS is a non-profitable and non-governmental organization legally registered with the government. The training camp was first time organized in Nepal. Naa village was chosen as the spot for the training camp. Naa village is a beautiful place with wonderful sceneries located in Dolakha District. This place spreads wider through the Rolwaling Conservation Area. The training camp was led by five foreign trainers along with team of 28 trainee. The training group was comprised of mountain guides, trekking guides and students of travel and tourism from NATHM College.

The training camp was named SKI FOR NEPAL with an objective to promote tourism and produce skilled Ski trainers. The camp was also focused on spreading the message about Nepal ass a safe destination for any travelers, trekkers, tourist and visitors.

Utsav Pathak, the chairman of NFSS and tourism student of NATHM believes that NFSS student can see some gold medalist from Nepal till 2020 in winter Olympic Games. ‘It was one of the revolutionary steps taken in the development of ski and snowboarding in Nepal’, Utsav Pathak shares his experiences. He is also a ski trainee.

It was youth effort to conduct the huge event. Youth group contacted with foreign trainers and arranged the necessary ski gears. All the arrangement was done and 21 days long Ski camp was achieved. Every Member of NFSS are also learning Ski and Snowboard to become a successful ski and snowboard instructor. Also another Trekking company Himalayan Ski Trek also supported NFSS for the event by providing some equipment.

Julius Seedeater was the master of all the event. Utsav Pathak and Julius Seedeater planned the event to be organized in the remote area of Dolakha district.  Julius arranged all the necessary gears and ski equipment. He put his effort to teach Nepalese people about ski. He landed in Nepal on 29 Jan, 2016 with his team. His team included four ski and snowboard instructor, a journalist and a documentary team.


The journey started from Kathumandu to Gongar khola with a bus ride via Charikot. Upper Tamakoshi Hydro Power Project is under construction in the Gongar Area. It takes 3 days trek to reach Naa village through least famous Gaurishankar Trail from Gongar. The pathway goes through various villages. Simi Gaun, Dongham, Kyalche, Surmuchey and Beding are the village that must be passed to reach the Naa Village. Naa village is situated at the height of 4200 metres. Naa Village is surrounded by the beautiful mountains. This valley includes steep slope required for ski or snowboarding.

The whole team spend 21 days in the Himalayas. The weather was very challenging to the group. But the attachment and dedication to achieve something was not dead. The continuous effort and the positive spirit of the group help them to gain the achievement. Julius and his friends contributed a lot to promote Nepalese tourism. They see many places in Nepal with higher tourism values. They have a vision to support all the sectors and promote good tourism in Nepal. Later, the team was honored by Tourism Minister Mr. Ananda Prasad Pokharel in Nepal tourism Board. The team got its reward for the achievement. Hard work really pays off.

Despite having eight of the world’s highest peak out of ten, Nepal does not have even single ski resort. Even if you have got enough passion to ski or either snowboard in mountains of Nepal it is very difficult to find the necessary gears.


There are other steep valleys in Western part of Nepal eligible for snow related activities. Lack of transportation and other infrastructures has made it difficult for research in those places. Internal affairs in NTB and unstable government has always hindered the tourism development in Nepal. Organization like NFSS & Himalayan ski trek are conducting research activities. They are planning to organize such events in Meera and Dhampus peak to train Nepalese youths in ski and snow boarding. NFSS shares their vision to establish Ski school in near future to train Nepalese skiers for rescue operation in mountains emergency. Ski has also great future in Nepal. Rafting was an unknown activity in Nepal about ten years ago. Now Rafting runs and is famous in almost nine rivers of Nepal. Nepal can be the luxurious destination of ski during vacation for many ski lovers. If all the sectors can unite to work for such events collaborating with youth, then Nepal can have bright future in coming days.

(NFSS will share the ski knowledge in coming days through Egaurishankar Online Newspaper, for more information, www.skisnowboardnepal.com and Facebook: Ski and Snowboard Foundation Nepal)


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